Give the gift of TIME!

Imagine this.....your friend just had a baby and you want to give them a gift. You consider the obvious (blanket, cute baby clothes, bath toys, etc) but decide that they have probably received more than enough of those items. So you decide to go the more practical (yet incredibly thoughtful) route and give them the gift of TIME!

TIME to spend with their baby vs planning their dinners.

TIME to sleep vs creating a shopping list each week.

TIME to take cute pics of their kiddo vs scrounging around to answer “what’s for dinner?”

Give that new mama the gift of TIME with a Mindful Menu subscription! You can purchase a 6 month gift subscription by clicking here. We will even send them a personalized snail-mail letter to let them know you thought of them ❤️

There is a such thing as too many blankets but no such thing as too much time 😉

Give the gift of Mindful Menu!

Acacia Sieling